Our current membership is five. 3 Adults and 2 Children.

Burke Jones -

Burke is a computer programmer / IT Manager for CAP Carpet, Inc. He's also a blacksmith. He is married to to Shawna Jones and has 2 boys Alec and Drake.


You can find some blacksmithing videos and more on his youtube channel:

Shawna Jones -

Shawna is an herbalist, artist, astrologer and writer, among other things. She is married to Burke, and mother of Alec and Drake. She enjoys dancing, knitting, crochet, pyrography, sewing, origami, chainmail, scultpting and nearly any other craft she can learn. She has spent many years studying counseling, conflict resolution, NLP and other related skills. She loves to read and research, and spends what free time she can sneak smelling and organizing her books.

Scott Sullivan -

Scott is a polyglot and interested in learning and speaking many languages from Japanese to Irish. He enjoys blacksmithing, knitting, crochet, weaving, and anything else he can learn. Graduated with a BA in Japanese Language from Arizona State University. He loves to travel and has been to Ireland, Finland, Europe, and Japan. Currently a government lackey, he is working on learning welding.


"I can do anything but give birth."


Alec Jones -

Alec plays the barritone and other low brass instruments. He enjoys making and repairing boffer swords and fencing with them. He is an avid writer and game creator, and enjoys drawing. And he loves to play video games.

Drake Jones -

Drake plays the trombone and enjoys crochet and counted cross stitch. He likes to create with duct tape and looks forward to camping.


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